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Piku - Review.


Quite often we have heard that story is the main essence of a movie.Well,in this case it is the story telling which is the true soul of Piku. Amitabh Bachchan , Deepika Padukone , Irrfan Khan & Moushumi Chatterjee has truly given superlative performances. Not for a single moment did it appear that Mr.Bachan is not a bangali. They have not acted in this film, they have lived .You put a bunch of supremely talented persons in a situation and they react to it.The result is Piku .Music complements the film , captures every mood where words became blurry to convey emotions.

Mr Kamaljit Negi has done a good job to capture Kolkata which amazingly gives a vivid kaleidoscope each time it is potrayed in the screen.Shoojit Sircar has touched every chord of a bengali life starting from the diction ,the habits,the mannerisms,the sentiments.He knows kolkata like a bengali knows his fish. Be it Open tee bioscope or Piku his detailing is spot on.No extra dialogues, no extra sentiments but a si…

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