Life:Before and After.

Finally I am leaving Bangalore to return to Kolkata.It has been almost a year and 7 months I am  living in this city.Life has changed a lot since I landed in this city.I started my work life in this city.I must say this is a workaholic city to start with , but there's much more than the work life of this city.People often describe this city as "city of malls","garden city","city of pubs".etc.I would like to describe this city as "city of diversity" because of the effortless way people from all regions of this country fuse into the flow of this city.Coming back to my life , I will say I rediscovered myself in this city.I did things I would definitely not have done in my home city.Meeting new people,handling work pressures, adjusting with unknown people ,travelling to new places are all part of this discovery.

Sometimes a few small moments that I spent in this city meant a lot to me.Those few guffaws shared during lunch ,those quiet moments spent in the terrace,endless glasses of teas in the numerous bakeries (they are everywhere in this city) , eating the cold dinner after working late in the office are few of the priceless moments of my life in this city . All these experiences or lessons definitely helped me grow as an individual.

well, this city is fantastic .There is more to this city than meets the eye.You will not realise that you are in sync with city . All it needs is a bit of time and the willingness to enjoy the way of life.Thank you Bangalore for being a part of my life and allowing me to be a part of yours.Heres's looking forward to a  familiar city with new challenges and new joys to experience.Cheers Namma Bengaluru and Nomoskar Kolkata.!!!

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