Just Try it!!!

Niharika was making something new today for lunch. Well
after all it’s the big Sunday lunch. The meal in the whole week where you
happen to actually savor the food being served on your plate. On other days, it
is just a formality of feeding yourself.

I was given the job of arranging the wardrobe which is
pretty messy at the moment (byproduct of all our dumping from several weeks).

"It looks pretty tasty." I said, peeping from
behind her shoulder into the delicacy on the frying pan.

"I hope it tastes well too!!" she answered with a
sheepish grin. Suddenly realizing I am actually bunking the task of arranging
the wardrobe, she gave me a light punch on my belly and shouted "ota sesh
na korle  khete debona!!"( complete
the job or else you won't have your lunch).OOPS ...quite a distasteful

I went back to my tedious  job . I had unpacked the whole wardrobe in to
the adjoining bed. I had just put  my
hand in the drawer when suddenly a small box hit my hand.

"oi niharika" 
I shouted."dekho ki peyechi"(look what I found).

It was the first thing I gave to her after our marriage, i
guess right after coming back from our honeymoon in Cairo. An magnificently
crafted gold and platinum ring with a tiny diamond at the helm.

She gasped "Wooo..where did you get this?".

It was her favorite ring and she used it very rarely, that
too on very special occasions. She used it actually once or twice before it got
lost, only to be found on this very day. She was already sporting an ear to ear
grin .

"let me try it..right now!!!" she said asking me
for the ring and pointing to her outstretched finger.

"Will it fit? Now after all these days? It’s been
ages.." I asked.

"Well babumoshai,How would I know without trying and
the only way  to  find out is to wear it on.Isn’t it?"

"hmmm...go on" I said before handing her the ring.

She tried to put it on the index finger , but it appeared
that it was small in size for her finger.

Finally after a brief battle it got in. She went to the
mirror for a better view.

"It’s still  the
same .....I always get a high wearing this ring!!" she was daydreaming.

"Keep it safely in my wardrobe this time!!" she
offered her hand with a half angry half happy  look on her face. She looked cute with a smirk
on her lips.

I held her hand and tried to pull the ring out of her finger.
She winced and screamed "slowly hadaram!!"

I tried in a gentler way but it cut her due to the sharp
edges to the designs in the ring. She did not complain. Finally the ring came out
. I looked at her with an extremely sorry and worried look on my face.

She looked at my face and gave a  big grin and said "its okay hadaram!!!I
will give you an extra smooth garnishing for this" she winked.

Niharika ran to the kitchen after blowing me a big flying

I just hit me at that moment that how true it is for life as
well. For anything to happen you just have to try it. There is no other way. It
may be painful or not painful. We just have to get to it to know what happens
next. Nowadays people procrastinate many things and form an opinion either by listening
to someone or hearing from others experiences.

I have to commit my own share of mistakes to get my own
lessons. Nobody else can have my share of joys and struggles for me.

"Sounak,hoye geche?"(Is it done,Sounak?) Niharika
shouted from the kitchen. I came back to my senses and stumbled upon a pool of

“Almost done here!!”  I
shouted back. It’s always a pleasure to bring a smile on her face.



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