Piku - Review.


Quite often we have heard that story is the main essence of a movie.Well,in this case it is the story telling which is the true soul of Piku. Amitabh Bachchan , Deepika Padukone , Irrfan Khan & Moushumi Chatterjee has truly given superlative performances. Not for a single moment did it appear that Mr.Bachan is not a bangali. They have not acted in this film, they have lived .You put a bunch of supremely talented persons in a situation and they react to it.The result is Piku .Music complements the film , captures every mood where words became blurry to convey emotions.

Mr Kamaljit Negi has done a good job to capture Kolkata which amazingly gives a vivid kaleidoscope each time it is potrayed in the screen.Shoojit Sircar has touched every chord of a bengali life starting from the diction ,the habits,the mannerisms,the sentiments.He knows kolkata like a bengali knows his fish. Be it Open tee bioscope or Piku his detailing is spot on.No extra dialogues, no extra sentiments but a silence plays an important part. 

 Deepika looks enigmatic both by looks and character.Her pairing with Irrfan khan is fresh and lifelike. Amitabh Bachan has employed has his diaspora of skills in the portrayal of Bhaskor Banerjee.Not a hair is out of place in Piku.But the most striking and yet the most impeccable aspect of Piku is its simplicity. It tells you a story which will stay with you for a long time.Take some time out and watch Piku because as they say a work of art is a joy forever.Piku is a rare masterpiece.

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